Project Our Dream Village

Obrigado Portugal Association is present in this project through various initiatives.

We at Obrigado Portugal Association are committed to the success of the Our Dream Village Project confident that with your help we will be able to not only bring these 1,181 earthquake survivors home but to bring them home to a better future.  Our grand plan includes the rebuilding of six villages including 222 houses, one school and one hospital in Tatopani, Sindhpalchowk, in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal.

The reconstruction is just one part of the overall plan as we continue to work toward providing solutions to the readily identifiable challenges such as road accessibility, procurement of a secure water source and establishing a sustainable agriculture system.  Additionally we will assist the local people in identifying and assessing various income opportunities thus ensuring the future success of the community.


Stage 1- July through December 2015, Obrigado Portugal Association provided volunteer services in the following areas:

  • Development of the website for the project:
    Author: David Lobo
  • Realization of Our Dream Village promotional video;
    Author: Joana Champalimaud
  • Architectural Design for the 222 houses in Tatopani;
    Authors: Maria da Paz Braga and Francisca Bastos
  • Elaboration of the report and promotional material for investors;
    Author: Maria da Paz Braga and Francisca Bastos
  • Participation in the geological survey for the My Dream Village Project.
    Author: Walmyr Freire


In Stage 2 and throughout 2016 our objective is to increase our visibility through the use of social media and the development of volunteer programs in an effort to enhance our fund raising efforts worldwide enabling us to support the costs inherent in this project. 


For more information about this project please visit our website oor download our booklet in PDF format using the link above.

Download Brochure PDF


Additional Info

  • Beginning: July 2015
  • Planned duration: 1000 days
  • Budget: 5.130.000 USD
  • Site: Sindhupalchowk, Nepal
  • Status: In progress
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