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On 1st of August, 2016, the Obrigado Portugal Association was received in Belem Palace by the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

Seven Portuguese institutions of a social nature were received in a private audience by the President of Portugal. The initiative aimed to bring together at the same table different institutions in order to discuss the future challenges of the social and humanitarian work in Portugal.

It was with great pride that the Obrigado Portugal Association was received in the Palace of Belém, on last 1st of August, by the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

The President has put together at the same table seven associations which are working in the social area in Portugal. The objective was to discuss the state of the nation in this area and to see what are the problems and challenges for the future. Basically, to understand how the presidency can provide a more effective service and to assist the different organizations to achieve their goals.

The institutions presented at the meeting were linked to different areas of engagement like poverty, family, health, care for people with special needs, education and volunteering.

The meeting took place in an environment of cooperation and all interventions were very educational and instructive. There is so much to do and the Presidency proved to be aware to the various problems presented. It was the promise to repeat the initiative.

The Obrigado Portugal Association mentioned the challenges facing its future, in particular to have the status of NGO, issues regarding funding and difficulties that arise in representing Portugal in a distant country like Nepal.

During the meeting the understanding was that we are on the right track and the work done so far has been recognized. It was launched also the challenge to work in Portugal, something that is already in our business plan for 2016.

The Association would also like to make public our gratitude to Maria Joao Ruela, President's advisor for social affairs, for all the work she has done and for all the attention, care and availability for our cause.

It was a historic day and a memorable moment for the Association. Be at the same table with the highest political leader of the country is a big responsibility, but we feel that with hard work and commitment will be up to the demands.

Thank you Portugal!

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  • Author: Pedro Queirós, Diretor Associação Obrigado Portugal
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